Visit Lithuania’s first Plantarium

Visit Lithuania’s first Plantarium

The first Plantarium in Lithuania officially opened on January 19 in Kaunas, tourist portal Visit Kaunas reported. No, there is no spelling mistake: the 200 sq m of space located in Urmas shopping town is dedicated to the mystery and healing power of Earth plants as much as a Planetarium is to the secrets of planets and stars.

This magic place has been created by Aistė Virketė, a young woman with a penchant for nature coupled with a keen eye for detail and harmony. Slender as the flowers she grows, Aistė has devoted two years of her life to taking care of abandoned, forgotten or sick plants. Having spent months in a village in Kaunas region, she decided to transfer her small socially responsible business into Lithuania’s second largest city.

Those expecting to encounter a wild jungle there will be disappointed, though. Despite the abundance of plants and thanks to Aistė’s professional photographer abilities, the space looks picture perfect and well, spacious enough for meetups and seminars. Visitors are offered healthy drinks and can buy and even exchange plants right on the spot. Never short of ideas, Aistė plans to launch a fertiliser and plant care product line.

The healing power of plants

Aistė is a firm believer in the healing power of plants and nature and her competence has led to membership in the Japanese Society for Forest Medicine. Even international experts have been impressed by her thorough knowledge about the characteristics of every plant she has seen.

Aistė’s aim is, by harnessing joint events and workshops, to create a community of environmentally conscious individuals. She has conceived the Plantarium as a headquarters of sorts for her followers, inviting not just domestic plants aficionados and seekers of alternative healing options, but all those who care about the future of our planet.

When the young Lithuanian first started her plant shelter, she did not know that she would become a celebrity in her home country, earning a nomination for Woman of the Year in Kaunas!

So, when you pay a visit to Kaunas, don’t forget to go to Pramonės pr. 14 street in Urmas shopping town. Aistė Virketė will be there to show you around and answer all your questions.

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