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February 2021


You would probably easily find words to describe many nations, e.g. the romantic French, the aristocratic English, the disciplined and rational Germans, or the hot-tempered Italians. But what could you say about Lithuanians? For this, you should have a deeper look into our lifestyle – culture, customs and traditions, religion, love for sports, eating...

Goverment, politics

Lithuania is an independent democratic republic with a multi-party parliament. Our state's legislative power is vested in the Seimas (as we call our Parliament), the executive - in the Government. Lithuania’s foreign policy is carried out by the President and the Government. (more…)


Before coming to Lithuania, try to answer to yourself what you wish to see and do here. Despite being a relatively small country, Lithuania has much to offer to a visitor, from many types of leisure activities and entertainment to a wide list – of around 1000 – of sightseeing objects. Therefore, we recommend...

Famous Lithuanians

What is an interesting topic to discuss with Lithuanians who speak the most archaic living Indo-European language? No, you will not need to speak Lithuanian, unless you would be willing to do so – Lithuanians are one of the most educated and multilingual people in Central and Eastern Europe. We would like to suggest...