International School of Law and Business

International School of Law and Business

International School of Law and Business

The International School of Law and Business (ISLB) is a modern and growing accredited University of Applied Sciences providing professional Bachelor degrees (180 ECTS) that open up opportunities to pursue Master degrees in Lithuania and abroad. ISLB is one of the biggest private establishments of higher education in Lithuania.

ISLB follows a unanimous conception of a quality assurance system. In 2008 ISLB won the National Quality Prize.

The educational process is tailored towards practice-oriented studies and professional training which comprise collaborative and experiential teaching and learning methods as a reflection of the student-centred approach. The curriculum comprises two industry-based internships that give students hand-on experience in real workplaces. ISLBs strong industry links help to ensure contemporary and relevant studies and graduate employment.

Study Programs


Study program Duration


Annual tuition fee
Tourism and Hotel Business 4 € 2700
Business Management

Business Management

4 € 2700

Master’s studies are continued in Lithuanian and foreign universities.

Admission procedure

  1. Select an application
  2. Check the documents:

Key documents:

  • Application with photo. The application is filled in at the high school
  • a copy of the maturity certificate and its supplement or other document certifying secondary education
  • a copy of the page of the passport’s personal documents or a copy of the identity card
  • receipt of the paid entrance tuition fee. The entrance fee can be paid at the higher school.
  • Additional documents:
  • Copies of certificates (attachments to the maturity certificate) on re-passed and additionally taken examinations and annual marks
  • copies of other documents certifying education (diploma of vocational education and its supplement, diploma of higher (university or college) education and its supplement (or supplement))
  • a copy of the document confirming the change of surname, if not all the submitted documents are in the same surname
  1. Apply: Fill in the application on our website (Direct online acceptance) or come to TTVAM


International School of Law and Business (hereinafter – ISLB) offers a comfortable dormitory. ISLB building is locally known for its height and it is called one of the highest schools in Vilnius. Students will easily notice it in a developing eastern part of the city near the crossroad of two Laisves and Pilaites avenues. There is a public transport stop near the building so it will take students about 15 minutes to go to the city centre.

Address: Laisvės Ave. 58, 05120 Vilnius, Lithuania,

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