Trakai Area

Trakai Historical National Park was founded on 23 April 1991 to preserve Trakai as a center of Lithuanian statehood as well as the park’s authentic nature. The territory of the park covers 82 km2, 34 km2 of which are covered by forests, and 130 km2 are covered by lakes. Trakai is a small ancient town built on water. The town is surrounded by the lakes of Luka (Bernardini), Totoriškės, Galvė, Akmena, Gilušis. There are 200 lakes in the region, of which the deepest (46.7 m) is Galvė with its 21 islands. Galvė covers an area of 3.88 km2 with an ancient castle on the largest island. The history museum in the castle was established in 1962. Apart of a castle you can see a number of architectural, cultural and historical monuments in Trakai. Festivals and concerts take place in the island castle in summer.

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