Tour operators will also be responsible for tourists’ tests

Tour operators will also be responsible for tourists’ tests

All travelers and tourists will have to present a negative coronavirus test as of March 10, the Lithuanian government has decided. And not only carriers but also tour operators will be responsible for that.

On Friday, the Cabinet specified its Wednesday decision which initially introduced such a duty for carriers only.

“The change should ensure tighter control of returning and incoming passengers so that all travelers are required to undergo tests and that would subsequently allow organizing work at airports and elsewhere better,” Health Minister Arunas Dulkys said during the Cabinet meeting. “So, our decision just puts tour operators and providers of tourism services next to carriers.”

Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte paid attention to the fact that, under the Wednesday decision, people returning on charter flights are also required to have tests done.

“And the question here is more about who is responsible to ensure that, carriers or tour operators, in such a case,” she said.

The Lithuanian government decided on Wednesday that all people returning or coming to Lithuania should have a negative test done no later than three days ago. The rules will come into force on March 10.

(March 5, 2021)

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