Lithuania at the Basketball World Cup 2019

Lithuania at the Basketball World Cup 2019

During the March 16th draw, 32 teams had sorted by “Kobe Bean Bryant” that held in “ShenZhen” in China. Participating teams including Iran and Lithuania recognize their opponents.

According to the draw, Iran ranked in Group C and Lithuania in the H group.

The 2019 World Cup will be played in Guangzhou City in September 2019.

The overall ranking of the 2019 World Cup is as follows:


Group A: Côte d’Ivoire-Poland-Venezuela-China

Group B: Russia-Argentina-Korea-Nigeria

Group C: Spain-Iran-Puerto Rico-Tunisia

Group D: Angola-Philippine-Italy-Serbia

Group E: Turkey-Czech-American-Japan

Group F: Greece-Brazil-New Zealand-Montenegro

Group G: Dominican-France-Germany-Jordan

Group H: Canada-Senegal-Lithuania-Australia

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