Vilnius Business College

Vilnius Business College


Vilnius Business College started in 1989 as one of the first non-state funded higher education institutions. In 2001 the institution was granted a status of a college – higher non-university institution and a right to grant a state-recognized higher education diploma to its graduates. From 2007 Vilnius Business College is a higher accredited institution entitled to granting professional BA degree.

From 2012 College graduates are among most highly valued by employers. From 2013 data of every year show that as much as 92,6 % of graduates become successfully employed, set up or develop their own business. A part of graduates continue studies in national or foreign universities and colleges. Starting with 2013 up till now Vilnius Business College is rated No. 1 according to added value created by the graduates and employers ‘assessment. In 2014 College activity received a positive evaluation from international experts and upon the decision by the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education Vilnius Business College has been accredited for the maximum period.

From 2013 College successfully entered international markets through running international studies in Russian and English languages, which by now have attracted students from 22 countries such as Belarus, Estonia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Nigeria, Angola, Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Iran ….


Vilnius Business College does not provide study scholarship. All students have to pay tuition fee.


Step 1. Become familiar with the International Student’s Application and Admission Procedure.

Step 2. Submit the Application Form and Required Documents (Secondary School diploma and transcripts, passport and photo) together with a Motivation letter.

Step 3. Pay the Application fee of 100 Eur and submit the payment slip with the documents indicated in Step 2.

Step 4. Participate in the Interview (in person or via Skype): be prepared to explain your motivation for studies and ask questions about studying and living in Lithuania. The Skype interview is conducted only after paying the Application fee.

Step 5. Apply to the Lithuanian Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education for your Secondary School Diploma and transcript evaluation: Please also check your Country specific requirements for SKVC: When you receive SKVC statement, please send to Vilnius Business College by email or submit together with your application form.

Step 6. After receiving a Conditional Acceptance letter, make the first year Tuition payment to Vilnius Business College bank account and submit copies of additional documents to the Admission Office (Affidavit of Support, bank statements, health insurance). Originals you have to present when apply for a national D Visa.

Step 7. Receive the Final Acceptance letter and apply for a national D Visa via online Visa Application Form ( Be sure to inform VVK Admission office in advance where you plan to apply for your Visa.

Step 8. Plan your trip to Vilnius, Lithuania and inform the Admission Office about your travel arrangements.


1. Application Form (filled in online, or filled in by hand in capital letters and signed)

2. Secondary education or High School Diploma and Transcripts (original diploma or notarised copy) accompanied with their translation into English or Russian

3. A copy of your Passport or ID card (notarised copy)

4. A copy of a Document confirming change of the name (in case not all your documents carry the same name)

5. Colour photo

6. Statement Letter of 1 A4 page in English or Russian (depending on which language your plan to study). See template.

6. 1. Certificate of evaluation of your Secondary education or High School Diploma and Transcripts issued by the Lithuanian Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education) (scanned copy)

6.2. A Letter of Affidavit of Support from your parents/sponsors and the Certificate/Letter from a bank about their/your financial abilities to finance the tuition fee and living expenses in Lithuania (original or notarised copy, minimum sum ~3000 EUR per year)

6.3. Receipt of paid Tuition Fee (copy)

6.4. Valid international Health Insurance covering the duration of the 1st year stay in Lithuania (minimum coverage sum is ~ 30000 Eur).

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