The Center for Civil Education

The Center for Civil Education

Located in the Presidential Palace, this Lithuanian and regional educational centre is perhaps the most modern of its kind, employing state-of-the-art interactive tools to introduce visitors to the functioning of a democratic state and the role of society and the citizen in the creation and management of the state. The exhibitions at the centre unveil the history of the country and the people who were key in its creation; state awards and decorations are on display, as are the coats of arms of the cities and towns, gifts from foreign leaders to Lithuanian presidents, and other topics and exhibits that reveal the history and present-day life of the country.

The Centre for Civil Education was opened on March 10, 2016 as one of the most modern education places in Lithuania. The permanent exhibition of the Centre provides information on how the democratic state and its institutions function; how the citizens of the state can participate in its creation and governance; finally, in what ways is it possible to solve problems that are important for the local community or the whole society. The permanent exhibition is supported by periodically renewed temporary exhibitions, oriented towards the most relevant issues of the time. The major part of the exhibition is created together with the visitors. With the help of contemporary technologies, every visitor is encouraged to develop a personal relation with the material as well as contribute to the creation of content. By expressing his / her own opinion, every vistor helps to turn the exhibitions into a modern dicussions forum.

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