Siauliai University

Siauliai University

Siauliai University is the biggest institution of higher education located in Northern Lithuania and counting more than 70 years of educational experience.


The beginning of higher education in Siauliai is considered to be since 1948 when Teacher Institute was established which soon became to be titled Siauliai Pedagogical Institute. In 1997 Siauliai Pedagogical Institute has been merged with a faculty of Kaunas Technological University, acting in Siauliai town, and contemporary Siauliai University began its activity as an independent higher education school. During last 20 years and 70 years overall Siauliai University made its important contribution to the educational and scientific field of Northern Lithuania and allowed to mobilize strong intellectual potential of scientists and teachers.


3 academic institutes act in University at the moment:

Institute of Education
Institute of Regional Development
Institute of Continuing and Distance Studies
University also has its own modern Library, Botanical Garden, Art Gallery, Health and Sports Center where academic community, city ​​dwellers and guests are welcome.


Since 1997 Siauliai University is suggesting more than 50 study programs for full or Part-time studies in the fields of Humanities, Informatics, Engineering, Mathematics, Social, Health, Educational, Life Sciences, Business and Public Management and Art. Three levels of studies are being implemented in Siauliai University: Bachelor‘s degree (first cycle), Master‘s degree (second cycle) and Doctoral degree (third cycle). University carries out also the studies of Continuing Education, Non-Formal Public Education Programs, and Supplementary Studies for the Graduates of the Colleges who intend to study for a Master’s degree. Furthermore, Siauliai University offers the Joint Studies Programs together with higher education institutions of Lithuania and foreign countries, also the studies’ programs with parallel studies leading to a double qualification degree.

24 International Study Programs conducted in English or Russian:

Bachelor’s: Public Administration, Economics and Sustainable Business (Joint degree study program with Wroclaw University (Poland)), Ecology and Environmental studies, MechanicalEngineering,ElectronicEngineering,Informatics, Mathematics, Music , Environmental Objects Design.

Master’s: Social Work (Joint Study Program with Open University, Ukraine), Signal Processing, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Arts (Design, Graphics, Painting, Textile/Leather), Pedagogy of Music, History and Politics, Literary Criticism, Intercultural Education and Mediation, Career Education, Nature Recreation (Joint study Program with Daugavpils University, Latvia), Management, Economics (Specializations: Economics Analysis and Planning; Finances and Banking), Regional Development and Governance (Joint degree study program with University of Pardubice, Czech Republic)

Depending on the graduations, 1700–2000 students are studying in Siauliai University overall.

Today Siauliai University counts more than 66000 graduates since Siauliai Teacher Institute has been established 70 years ago.

Siauliai University is being known as the Center of Educational studies of wide-raging teachers training.

University is being recognized also for the preparation of the competent public administration specialists who take part in the local government institutions after their graduation. Moreover, many linguists, historians, science or business administration professionals, economists, engineers, programmers and other specialists realize their knowledge in the regional and national companies and organizations after their studies in Siauliai University. In addition, Siauliai University educates artists and art educators who make Siauliai city and Lithuania famous worldwide for more than 5 decades.

Social partnership and international activity

University is being successfully involved in the local, national and international projects, implementing exchange of academic staff and students, cooperates closely with regional and national companies, organizations, business partners. Siauliai University scientists implement applied scientific research according to individual demand of regional and national companies and organizations. Cooperation with social partners has an important positive impact for region’s NGO sector and local communities.

The researchers and the staff are running and have participated in such international projects as VI and VII Framework, ERASMUS+, EUREKA, EQUAL, INTERREG, LAT-LIT, EU Structural funds and other EC projects.

Siauliai University has over 130 agreements with foreign higher education institutions from 40 countries all over the World. University successfully participates in various activities of ERASMUS+ programs: exchange of students and lecturers, ECTS adjustment, intensive programs and European networks.


v Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Tuition fees

Duration of Studies Language of Instruction Bachelor’s Degree Program
2200 3,5 years English Economics
2200 3,5 years English  Business Administration
2700 3,5 years English Software Engineering
2700 4 years English Music Pedagogy


v Master’s Degree Programs



Tuition fees

Duration of Studies Language of Instruction Master’s Degree Study Programs
3300 1.5 years English Economics
3300 1.5 years English Management
3300 2 years English Regional Development and Governance (Joint degree study program with Pardubice University, Czech Republic)
3600 2 years English Smart Manufacturing Engineering
3600 1.5 years English Career Education
3600 2 years English  Music Education
3300 1.5 years English Social Work (Joint degree study program with Ukraine University, Ukraine)
3600 2 years English Natural Systems Management


All applicants has to pay a 100 EUR non-refundable application fee. The fee must accompany the application. The fee can be paid with a Bank draft (international cheque) to Siauliai University.

Refund policy for International Students Fees
If a student’s visa application is refused, a full refund of fees will be made (except 100 EUR application fee). Evidence of refusal is required.

Application Document

1. Application form.
2. Application Fee of 100 EUR (non-refundable).
3. Curriculum Vitae.
4. Motivation Letter.
5. Copy of the passport pages containing basic information about the student.
6. 4 Passport size photos.
7. Copies of education certificates verifying that the student completed secondary school or equivalent (for Bachelor’s degree studies) or Bachelor’s diploma (for Master’s degree studies); and the related translation to English. They have to be legalized at the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs where education was received.
8. Certificate of recognition of the qualifications issued by the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education in Lithuania.
9. Certificate of knowledge of English (B1 for Bachelor’s studies, B2 for Master’s studies).
10. ADDITIONAL. Copies of certificates proving work experience, participation in the conferences, seminars, other educational documents, and other relevant information related to gained competences.
The student has to prepare Bank statement / affidavit (at least 3000 EUR). This document is required when applying for a visa at the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania.

Application deadlines
The academic year starts in September.
The enrolment might be extended due to a few vacancies left.

v Doctoral (PhD) Studies
On June 8, 21, 2011 the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania approved the proposals for doctoral studies organization submitted by Siauliai University and joint proposals of Siauliai University and partners, and granted the University a right to organize doctoral studies in the following study areas:

Humanities Filology
Social Sciences Economics
Management and Administration


Tuition fees per year, EUR
Full-time studies 8223
Part-time studies 5482


Degree of the doctor of science shall be awarded to a person who has successfully completed fulltime (up to 4 years) or part-time (up to 6 years) doctoral studies prepared and defended a dissertation or to a person who defended the dissertation prepared without attending the lectures. Total volume of doctoral studies shall be not less than 30 credits.


· Application for admission addressed to the Rector

· Diploma of Master’s degree or qualification adequate to it, its annex/supplement (originals are returned straightaway)

· Two letters of recommendation

· Curriculum Vitae (signed by applicant)

· List of applicant’s scientific publications (submitted in full bibliographic description) and their copies (submitted together with a copy of journal’s cover and contents page); or, if a scientific article in not yet published – a document issued by the editorial board of a scientific journal certifying the acceptance of an article for publication (after the reviewing procedure) and its manuscript

· Project of scientific research: paper copy and digital copy in .doc or .docx format (digital media not returned); if two topics are indicated in the application, then 2 scientific research projects need to be submitted

· Personal identification document

· One photo (3 cm x 4 cm)

· Documents notifying the change of surname if not all documents are submitted under the same surname

· Other documents which an applicant wishes to submit


· Scientific publications (SP)

· Scientific research project (RP)

· Grade point average (GPA)

· Motivational interview (MI)


· CS = 0,2 SP + 0,3 RP + 0,2 GPA + 0,3 MI



Siauliai University Students’ dormitory is situated in the center of Siauliai. The price for 1 person is around 90 EUR per month. Internet access in the room: 6 EUR per month (with the cable) and free Wi-Fi.

o All students have a possibility to live in the students’ dormitory.

o Rooms are booked automatically by the Department of International Programs and Relations when Application form of an Exchange student is received. It means that you do not have to fill in a separate Application form for accommodation.

o After arrival students have to sign a Dormitory Lease;
The price for the dormitory is around 90 EUR per month.

o The price might change according to an order of Siauliai University Rector.

o The payment must be done at “AB Siauliu Bankas” till the end of current month according to the given receipt.

o All rooms are twin – two students share one room. Two rooms share a toilet and a sink. In the room you will find: a closet, a desk, a chair, a bed, a reading lamp, blankets, linen and towels, dishware and cooking utensils. Bedding and towels will be changed fortnightly. Lavatories, shower-baths and kitchens will be regularly cleaned by cleaning women. Students may use a washing machine. The price for one washing in the machine costs 2,40 EUR. Shower facilities are shared by all students on one floor. Each floor has a common kitchen with a stove, a sink, an oven, a fridge.

o Internet: There is an Internet access in every room, so students may use their own computers in the rooms. The price is 6 EUR per month. Student can book this facility at the Students’ Representative. In the dormitory free Wi-Fi access is available.



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