Lithuania and Iran Interaction for Tourism Development

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Lithuania's Honorary Consul in Iran announces its willingness to expand its tourism cooperation with Iran under sanctions. And he said: the delegation that will visit Lithuania from Lithuania next week, about visa facilities for nationals of both countries will be negotiated with Iranian authorities. Lithuania’s Foreign Ministry has accepted the proposal to issue a "Traveler's Visa".

Lithuania is a member of the European Union that must receive a Schengen visa to get there. This country has no embassy in Iran and pursuing consular affairs through its embassy in Ankara.

In addition, the lack of direct flights between the two countries has caused the level of interaction between Lithuania and Iran insignificant. As Mohsen Karimi Tabasi said: Only 450 tourists from Lithuania have been able to travel to Iran this year.

He has started his activity in Lithuania as the honorary consulate of Lithuania And now he has announced steps taken to improve the tourism and scientific relations between the two countries. 



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