The 30th Anniversary of the Restoration of the Independence of the Republic of Lithuania Was Celebrated in Ankara

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On the 11th of March 11, 2020, the Lithuanian Embassy in Turkey invited Lithuanian friends and to celebrate together the 30th anniversary of the Restoration of the Independence of the Republic of Lithuania.

"During the 30 years of independence, Lithuania has achieved great goals: we are ranked high in the world in terms of business conditions, leading the way in providing information and communication technology services to businesses, growing confidently in life sciences and financial services," said Lithuanian Ambassador H.E. Mr Audrius Brūzga. We are pleased with Lithuania's good relations with neighboring and more distant countries such as Turkey, with which it has close ties in a variety of areas, from growing numbers of tourists to intensive student exchanges.

During the celebration, a group "Subtilu-Z" from Lithuania performed modern music.

The celebration took place at the Atakule tower, which is symbol of the capital Ankara. The tower was illuminated in yellow, green and red – colours of the Lithuanian flag.  



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