Moment of Nature

Moment of Nature

Vecekrug Dune (in Preila)
Vecekrug (Old Inn) Dune is the highest dune (67,2m) of the Curonian Spit. Its name originated from Curonian word “vece” – “old” and “kruogs” – “inn”, reminding about the former inn located at the foot of Dune. The entire dune is covered with mountain pine massifs. Planting of this pine was initiated in the middle of the 19th century. At the beginning, seedlings were specially imported from Denmark, later – grown locally. Mountain pine was planted at major dunes which had drifted towards the Curonian Spit settlements, and it served for the prevention of sand drifting over forests and settlements.

Parnidis Cognitive Path (in Nida)
A 1,8km nature trail starts at the foot of Parnidis Dune in the Silence Valley. Here you will see wonderful plants, lichen, fungi, insects, and birds, admire the magnificent landscapes, visit the “smithy” of a woodpecker, and familiarize with the “biography” of a tree. Children will have fun in a wellness path.
Bulvikis Cape (in Nida)
Bulvikis Cape is the widest spot of the Curonian peninsula of 3.8 km wide. It is believed that the name of the cape and the neighboring lagoon originates from the Curonian surname Bulvikis. There is one more explanation of the origin: in the Swedish language “bolja” means a wave and “vik” means a bay, so the name might be originated from Sweden. Before the great dunes were planted with forest, the Bulvikis Cape has been extremely growing: in 1837–1910 it would annually become longer by 7 m. in average. Now we observe the reverse process – the cape is being washed by the stream and it gets smaller and smaller without cease.

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