Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences

Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences

Lithuania Business University of applied sciences (LTVK) is a modern, open to society and independent higher education institution founded in 1994 that prepares professionals in social and physical sciences who are focused on Lithuanian and European labour market. LTVK entails promising career opportunities, international exchange and leisure time typical for students.

Mission. Lithuania Business University is determined to prepare creative, qualified professionals, to establish conditions for a lifelong learning by granting a professional bachelor’s degree and to carry out the applied research that is necessary for a regional development.

Vision. Lithuania Business University is an innovative, transparent, socially active and liable higher education institution, internationally recognized, versatile to the developments in the labor market and prepared to meet the needs of society.

Lithuania Business University integrates the latest IT technologies into the study process and due to this, it creates versatile and engaging means of studying. One of the main aims of the university is the improvement of study quality. Interactive lessons and various methods of engaging are being used in the process of the studying. The university has been equipped with laboratories of CISCO, construction materials and criminology together with a simulation courtroom.

Smart Management
Smart management study program designed to prepare qualified professional bachelor of business management professionals who are able to adapt to the changing business environment, today’s labor market requirements, setting up a business venture and manage it, carry out market research, analysis and control of the business situation, management of change, to create investment projects contract to implement an advertising campaign to organize the purchase, transportation, storage, sale and settlement with suppliers, customers, take care of business development, to lead the staff to be able to work in information technology to collect financial information relating to the business, manage documentation in the state and foreign languages.


Possible specializations:

– Financial Management

– Marketing Management

Tourism and entertainment business industry
Tourism and entertainment business industry study degree programme is designed to prepare qualified managers to be able to investigate and analyze the market of tourism and entertainment business, business environment and the tendencies of its change, create service packages and organize its trade, set up and manage enterprises, which provide the services of tourism, entertainment, beauty and wellness.

Possible specializations:

– Travel and excursion management

– Spa and wellness tourism managemen

– Event management

Administration of Institutions and Enterprises
Administration of institutions and enterprises is designed to prepare administrators of institutions and enterprises, who will be able to manage documents professionally on computer, to organize and coordinate enterprise activity, to manage information activity, to lead staff, to organize office, branch or other department activity, recruitment, selection, placement, qualification enhancement, to manage documentation of company activity related to work relationships, to manage material and financial resources, to be able to create the institution’s or enterprise’s image, to organize training for the staff expertise, to select the forms for employee motivation.


Possible specializations:

– Business Administration

– State and public institution administration

Sales and Logistics Management
Sales and logistics management study program is designed to prepare qualified professional bachelor’s degree specialists in sales and logistics management to be able to understand the major national and international transport and logistics systems, specialists having relative and modern knowledge in transport and logistics, also who will be able to forecast, plan, organize continuous work process in logistics companies or departments, to organize sales, production or storage, to ensure the quality of activities, to coordinate domestic and international sales through innovative sales, marketing, sales logistics, management methods, to form business sales policy, to arrange trade technology and stock, to implement advertising campaign, to apply the latest e-commerce and communication technologies, to set up a private company and be able to lead and manage it.


Possible specializations:

– Marine transport logistics

– Wares Distribution Logistics

– Sales Management

Construction Business Management
Construction business management degree program is designed to prepare managers to be able to understand construction, its planning and organization by applying various technologies also understand diversity of construction work, consistency, technical and technological means and be able to investigate and choose a market.


Possible specializations:

– Real Estate Management

– Management of Building Materials

Economics of Business Enterprises
Distinctive features of the study program: The program emphasizes practical training.


The College established SIMULITH centre gives the opportunity for students to practice in a professional business training firm Biurometa. During the training in this firm students work in different company’s departments (finance – accounting, purchasing, sales – marketing, and personnel) and simulate the actual business – financial performance of the enterprise. Students have access to actual documents, implement their own ideas and plans, and get to experience the real company business practices, collaborate with other Lithuanian and foreign practical training companies.


Possible specializations:

– Marine Business economics

– Finance of business enterprises

Aims of the Accounting study programme – to prepare a specialist (accountant) holding a degree of professional bachelor, who referring to the latest knowledge and information gathered on the basis of results of fundamental and applied research will be able to apply it for individual professional work and further selfguided competence development indispensable in complex, dynamic multi-cultural professional environment in order to ensure effective solving of relevant professional problems; to plan and organise operations, to maintain accounting records, to manage and control financial processes in companies, enterprises and organizations; to apply thinking skills and approaches allowing for creative response in new situation; to communicate in Lithuanian and foreign languages, to convey information both to specialist and non-expert audiences; to work individually and in a team, to continuously develop his/her professional competence and broaden general outlook.


Possible specializations:

– Internal Audit

– Business Valuation

Applied informatics and Programming
The objective of the Applied Informatics and Programming study programme – to prepare highly qualified specialists of Informatics study field, focused on the areas of software development or computer network administration, who are able to adapt to changes in contemporary market and are aware of importance of self-directed learning (self-study) and life-long learning.


Possible specializations:

– Web Development

– Computer Network Administration

– Mobile Application Development


Digital Design Technologies
The exceptional feature of this program is the study of IT artistic field involving knowledge of computer science, graphic design, neuroscience, psychology and marketing. The program emphasizes practical training.



Law and Law Enforcement Authorities
Learning outcomes of the study programme: student knows the basic concepts of the studies subjects, is able to apply the theories sources of law, normative legal acts; is ably to apply knowledge the executive and judicial private legal relations and to apply appropriate legal norms regulating public administration practice, is ably to apply pre-trial investigation research; provide legal assistance to natural and legal persons; is ably to apply identifies particular legal norms regulating the activities of private and legal persons; is ably to analyse different reasoning presented in the process of analysis of problems and decision making; effectively and responsibly be able to apply professional techniques and tools in state law enforcement agencies, businesses and organizations; has developed the need for continuous improvement of learning skills, for increase of proficiency level, understands the importance of lifelong learning, planning a career in the legal profession.


Possible specializations:

– Judicial authorities

– Litigation authorities


Information Business Systems – NEW

Business and Investment Law
During the study period student will acquire knowledge on the basic concepts of the studied subjects, knowledge of legal studies; knows the national, regional (European Union) and international business and investment sphere of legislation EU regulatory context; understand the business and investment environment of the forms of business organization, the legal regulations and procedures, business contracts specificity of knowledge; is able to of legal norms in terms of assessment of human behavior and business entities; able to critically analyze, interpret, explain and compare the business and investment relations between the legal regulations; ability to analyze and organize various procedural documents in civil cases; is able to organize and carry out public procurement of goods and services; acquired the right direction to apply knowledge in practice, and create jobs for themselves in the private or public sector; demonstrates the capacity to prepare investment projects for the development and execution, to represent the public and the private entity in preparing and implementing investment development programs; demonstrates the capacity of law in terms of assessment of the behavior of businesses, analyzing their causes and propose reasoned and logically based on these solutions.


Possible specializations:

– Judicial authorities

– Litigation authorities


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